Spooky Game Update (8)

During the past week, I have made splendid progress as I have started making another map. I have also started making some new models on blender. Another reminder that we have changed our plan so that we are not going to finish the game due to our misjudgment of the effort and time required for this project.

Spooky Game Update (6)

We only have 1 month left, we are behind plan by quite a bit. At the beginning, we may have miscalculated the amount of time needed to make and code the game. We have also run into a lot of problems like me not being able to download blenders because of virus blockers. Due to this delay and our miscalculation, we have decided to split the game in half. By the end of Febuary, we are planning to have the first 2 levels done. We might finish the rest of the game on our own time.

In the recent week, I have successfully downloaded blender and have been watching many tutorials. I am having troubles making stuff on a blender since blender is a lot different then any other app I’ve used. I am busy all week but I will find time to continue making progress on the game

Spooky Game Update (5)

During the past week, I unfortunately have not made a lot of progress. I have tried to get on Blender (a model making app) but my computer has blocked it for some reason, so I’ll have to figure that out. I have also added some working lights switches into the map. (Note: From now on, I’ll be naming the updates “Spooky Game Update (#) )

My 6th Blog Post (4)

In the past week, I have not made as much progress as I hoped. Still, during the time I had, I made the 2nd map of the game, which is a house. I found it quite hard to find the right models for the map so I made some myself which was also difficult. Next week I will hopefully get to the model making on blender.

My 5th Blog Post (3)

During the duration of the past week, I have made a decent amount of progress on the game. I created the main lobby map and started on the 2nd map. Something I found hard was aligning everything and spacing things out perfectly. My next steps will be to finish map 2, create models on blender, and animate the models on blender.

My 4th Blog Post (2)

Recently I have been quite busy so I have not made much progress, but what I will do next is make a lobby for our game and design some characters. We already have around 3 characters to make so that is what i’ll start with, I will update next week with hopefully a map and some character models to show.

3rd Blog Post (1)

Posts like these are just going to be quick updates on what I have been doing with my Genius Hour project.

So far I have been browsing around looking for ideas for the game. I have made a giant list of things that are going to be in the game, we haven’t finished it yet but here is the progress we have so far:

-Scary Stuff People Don’t Like-


Alien like creature with claws or something

-lots of jumpscares

-unexpected stuff

-Character Designs-

-Wheelchair man

-The Dead

-Game Mechanic Ideas-

-Every now and then you have to press a random button on your keyboard within 10 seconds and if you don’t then the lights turn off/your screen goes pitch black and you get a jump scare


-Crouching/sneaking so the “things” won’t notice you

-When you die you have to wait 10 seconds if you still have lives. If not then you gotta pay for an extra life, you can spectate or you go back to lobby.

-Game Name Ideas

-Strange dreams

-Old memories

-Just Dreams


You are a __ year old person named _______. Everynight you have these dreams where you have to survive a certain something or do a task, all while being hunted down by something. You think all this stuff is within your head, but they start becoming reality, making appearances in your day to day life.


You start off the game in one of these “dreams”. After completing the objective, you get woken up by an alarm clock and you get up to go to work. You complete some simple tasks at work and go home to go to bed. On the 2nd night there will be harder tasks you have to complete to get out of the dream. After you wake up you go to work again and complete tasks at work, but start to see some signs or traces of the “things” in your dreams, but when you investigate, you come to a conclusion that your mind is just playing tricks on you. This pattern continues for 3 more days/nights and there are different tasks to complete each night with the sightings of the “things” becoming more obvious and soon enough on day 5, you encounter one of the “things” at work and have to run away from it and survive. After you get away from the “thing”, you wake up again in your bed and assume it was all a dream. Days-5 Nights-5

Level/Night/Day Ideas


Night 0-Run away

Day 1-Do office work (sort paperwork)

Night 1-

Day 2-

Night 2-

Day 3-

Night 3-

Day 4-

Night 4-

Day 5- 


-Easy (Infinite lives)

-Normal (5 lives)

-Hard (3 lives)

Insane (1 life)

Name Ideas

Main Character-Nathan, Carter, George, Luke,

Wheelchair Man-WHEELCHAIR MAN, wheelie

The Process to Make the Game




-Map Design-


-Dream Worlds


-Tp places

-Task doing


Main Page






Genius Hour Planning

In the following months, Lucas and I will learn how to code a game. If we manage to achieve our goal by the end of Febuary, we will have either a full functioning game, or at least a pretty good quality game that is a work in progress. After the months, we will be able to understand and write basic code. The steps to achieve our goal are:
1) Have a basic idea of what our game is about.

2) Learn to code through tutorial videos / asking a professional

3) Code our ideas into a functioning game

The supplies we will need to make the game are: a computer, a mouse, a keyboard, Wifi, access to the internet, and most importantly, time. The parts we might need help with are mainly going to be code related since we are already familiar with the functions of a computer so we just need to learn coding. This is the end of my 2nd blog post.

First Blog Post

My name is Bruce, I am an 8th grade student currently living in Edmonton. I like to read and play video games in my free time so for my first Genius Hour Project, I am planning to create a game with my partner Lucas. We are planning to create a game on a platform called “Roblox” where you can play games that other people made. The game will be in the genre of horror…